I am professionally trained to prescribe certain medications, and I will work with your healthcare provider and primary care physician to help you. I'm not a replacement for your primary care physician.

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Healthcare: Consultation and Teamwork

Primary Care Providers and Physicians

I may be of assistance to your primary care physician and other general healthcare providers that are not set up to guide the selection of psychotropic medications, or to evaluate patient response. Physicians and other medical or healthcare practices often appreciate the focused expertise of a mental health specialist.

Psychologists, Social Workers, Therapists, and Other Licensed or Degreed Professional Counselors

If you are currently working with a psychologist or counselor—someone who does not prescribe medications—there is no conflict with seeing me as well. Specific training is necessary to deliver highly skilled “talk therapy.” My expertise is not the same and is not a substitute for what a good therapist provides. However, if you and/or your behavioral health provider suspect a medication might augment your therapeutic work, I am happy to provide the service. Anticipate that I will recommend to you that you should continue with your counseling process.


Finding balanced health

“Cindy has become a fast favorite amongst our interdisciplinary teams—able to work collaboratively in the best interest of the patient.”

Lori Linton Nelson,
Supervising Clinical Faculty


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